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PhotoNetCast #71 – Making the most of your Vacation Photography

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 09-06-2012 | 2 Comments

Summer is coming, and this usually means some family traveling.

With that in mind, on this episode, we decided to talk about vacation photography – basically how to make the most of your trips that are not happening mainly for photography.

Kilt Rock and Mealt FallsWe discuss gear that you need and gear that you think you’ll need, finding the best locations and how to ditch your family for long enough to go there and photograph them, the not-quite-right-camera-bag-but-it-was-the-best-I-could-think-of, and security and safety of your gear and your person while on vacation.

We also give a quick look at the news (very very quiet) and, as usual, we have our Selected from the Web.

Big reminder that we have still our Photo Competition and Social Media Competition open until June 16th. The Photo competition is open themed, so you just have to send us a link to your entry photo, and for the social media competition all you need to do is send a tweet, or facebook post, etc etc. Details on the link above.

## 15 prizes, over $1400 value ##

Enjoy the show…



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Comments (2)

Great show as always 🙂 What were the names of the two iPhone apps for tracking and predicting the sun’s locations you guys mentioned in this eppisode?

Thank you and keep up the great work.

Hi Rafal. Sorry for the delay in reply.

One of them, and the one I personally use, is The Photographer’s Ephemeris ( You can use it as a mobile app or desktop standalone. If I’m not mistaken, its free for desktop but not cheap as app.

The other one I would have to check, if you point me to a timestamp on the audio, I’ll check and get back to you.

Thanks for listening and I hope I was of any help.



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