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PhotoNetCast #73 – Film and Film Cameras

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 12-07-2012 | 11 Comments

Film is funny this way: photographers who spent years and years burning film, after the digital jump, either can’t stand the thought of film anymore or still use it once in a while. And then there are the digital era photographers that never tired anything film related… Once in a while, in conversations, I come across this latter kind and, surprisingly or not, many want to give it a try, if for nothing else, to at least bury the subject and never have to think about film again.

But, unlike digital media, the variety of camera types and different film is so big that confusion reigns.


Agfa Billy I, side, open


Agfa Billy I, copyright A. Marques

To increase the confusion provide a little help, on this episode we have as guest Rob Nunn to talk about different cameras and some of their characteristics, as well as different film stocks. We even approach (slightly) film developing at home (in my opinion, if you’re going to try shooting film, you will lose much of the experience if you don’t try to develop it at home).

As always, we appreciate your feedback. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send them our way.

Enjoy the show…



Show Notes

Some of the cameras mentioned on this episode:

Kodak Retinette, Olympus Trip 35, Canon AF10, Minolta SRT 101, Olympus OM2n, Nikon F55, Mamiya C33

Comments (11)

Thanks so much for spreading the word of our exhibition!!

Now I can finally catch up on the first half of live recording the show I’ve missed.

Thx a lot for the mention about our exhibition =D

Great episode, brought my Nikon EM with me camping this weekend, my kids can use the DSLR. (-:


Hope you made some good images. Upload some to our Flickr group.

Pentax usually gives you more for your money, and that is perhaps why they are regarded so highly by those who use them. I almost went the Pentax route, but I wished they atleast had one 1X camera in there line up.


Pentax pretty much dropped out of my radar when I made the switch to digital, but as I’ve mentioned in the show, Pentax fans are tough to change their minds.

If they had a good digital body when I switched, I’m sure I would still be with them.

Another great episode. Pity you couldn’t have got Brian involved from his boat, perhaps he had no mobile signal!

Anyway, it’s always good to hear a discussion about film photography, especially one so comprehensive and diverse. I’ll be pointing one or two debutantes to it as a useful resource from which to learn.

Judging by the amount of feedback you’ve had here, it is a subject which interests a lot of us. Keep that in mind 🙂

Great to have an episode dedicated to film photography. Started off with digital myself, and now am spending more time with a film rangefinder than the digital body.

The part about creativity thriving on restriction/constraint summed up the essence of film photography for me in this day and age. A good medium to pack more in each photo than digital spray and pray.

Nice discussion. Hope to see more on film in the days ahead.

I think you mentioned B&W film that could be processed normally at a local photo lab. Could you let me know the company makes the film and the name of the film? Great episode! Just bought a Lot of film cameras on Ebay and looking forward to playing! Thanks.

Thank you so much for doing an episode on film photography. I am definitely the person described at the top. Other than point and shoot film cameras that everyone had back in the ’80s I never did film photography, especially not since I started focusing on photography.

Now my dabbling in film photography is growing and I hope to do more and more. I look forward to future episodes on film.


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