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PhotoNetCast #74 – Tom Hogarty talks Adobe Lightroom 4

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 25-07-2012 | 41 Comments

Tom Hogarty on Lightroom 4


As we announced Tom Hogarty, principal product manager for Adobe Lightroom, joins us on the podcast to tell us all about Lightroom 4. He was with us before, and after more than 3 years it was time to get back and tell us what has changed, and masterfully managing to avoid answering questions on what is coming in the future for Lightroom Smile.

We discussed what’s new, the processing magic behind LR4 – PV2012, the new GPS and book modules, Adobe Revel, synchronization of catalogues, the surprising price drop, some complaints from users, and a lot more.

It was a great conversation, and if you enjoy using Lightroom 4, or if you are thinking about trying, I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to it.

So, a big thanks to Tom for taking the time to join us and Lauren (PR from Adobe) for the help setting it up.


Lightroom 4 giveaway


And if you don’t have Lightroom yet (or if you want another copy with the box and all), here is your chance. We are giving a boxed copy of Lightroom 4 to one of our listeners, courtesy of Adobe.

All you have to do is drop us a comment on this post and tell us what is your favourite feature of Lightroom 4, or what you would like to see included on the next version. We’ll randomly select a winner from the comments we get.



And don’t forget to let us know what you think of this episode, and the show, and give us your suggestions for new topics or people you’d like us to interview.

For now, enjoy the show…

Here is the audio version, at the bottom you can find the video of the recording (not edited)


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Comments (41)

Features I want in Lightroom 5:
– Panorama stitching
– Face recognition

Thanks for the show it was the first time I have listend. I would like to see the audio and video editing features expanded in the next version.

People buy new lenses just to get that bit more definition, resolution and quality, with Lightroom 4 the new process feature has given all this, this is why I had to upgrade. It’s not about fancy new features it’s about quality. This is my most loved update to lightroom 4. I also like the more intuitive settings, they start in the middle.
I didn’t know they’re was anything wrong with Lightroom 3 until 4 came.

The fact a beginner can pick it up and begin using easily. My simple camera image almost look good enough to be professional.
At this point I would sooner upgrade Lightroom than the camera.

I have LR3 and I’m really excited about the more robust highlight/shadow recovery and the sharpening feature. Thanks for the opportunity! I would love LR4.

I really like the granular detail you get with white balance adjustments. That alone would make my life easier. Having LR4 as part of my workflow would be wonderful.

Great episode! I wish I had Lightroom instead of Aperture for the ease with which it handles the use of 3rd party software plugins. Aperture regularly crashes for me while trying to proceed through my memory-intensive workflow. For me, this is the most important feature of Lightroom and the most important reason that I hope to win the copy of it!

Great episode.
I like the simple design/usability changes like the basic sliders and the highlight recovery algorithms.

Definitely the selective local white balance and noise controls.

My favourite reason to upgrade from LR3.6 to Adobe Lightroom 4 would have to be the rationalisation of the sliders in the Basic section of the Develop module.

More ease of usability and even more improvements to the streamlined-ness of the workflow are my most valued upgrades!

What I like most in Lightroom is the Noise Reduction, it’s even better than in previous version:)
On the next version (Lightroom 5) I would like to have the ability to export pictures to a website made in WordPress/Joomla or others and have the “Merge to HDR Pro” from Photoshop inside Lightroom

I really enjoy the new sliders setup. You can take photographs that previously would have been garbage and recover so much detail!

I’d really like to see Panorama stitching added to the next release of Lightroom.

i would like to see quicker support for new cameras (like the Sony RX100 at the moment).

And it would be nice to merge multiple images of different exposures (as in HDR)

I am just getting into post production of my photographs and trying to get expand my knowledge in this arena. I have never used any version of Lightroom before. I enjoy hearing all about what it can do and finding ways to create a workflow. Hopefully one of these days I can get myself a copy of the program and enhance my abilities. Thanks for the podcast, I have enjoyed each one and learned a lot.

– a great feature will be to processing HDR Images – 2, 0 +2 exp. captures with lightroom in a range how I can do it with Photomatix Pro. If this will be possible I can replace Photomatix from my workflow and just make everything with LR.
– other feature maybe stiching panorama images.

A great feature actually is to put GPS logs on the image so simple it works now…

Option to install user defined components. Personally I don’t need Geo tagging. It would be nice to have the option of leaving this out during install.

I have not upgraded from 3.6 yet, but after listening I may have to. If I don’t win the free copy. or if I can wait that long!

I’ve only been listening for about a week, but have made it through about 20 old episodes already! I wouldn’t mind seeing facial recognition, although there needs to be a good level of control with it.

Simple, the improved clarity slider is worth the price of LR4 alone.

I’m really looking forward to the improved noise reduction and highlight/shadow recovery.

I like the sound of the geo-tagging and mapping features as well as the improved processing.

I really like having both photo touch up and keyword in the same program. This lets me find my pictures fast and edit in batches (much faster than going into Photoshop.

Personally I use Photoshop only for panorama stitching and to use the content aware tool. Both of which I would really like to have in Lr5…

It seems to me that if you are already adjusting multiple images side by side it would be more natural to have the HDR and panorama options right there.

Beyond that I still think content aware (and also the new PS motion blur removal) tools are like magic, I would really love to have that at a click in Lr.

Also, you mention the new local adjustment has noise reduction, which is pretty useful for removing noise from the darker areas. If you can have noise reduction automatically applied more heavily to the darker areas of an image rather than having to select them specifically with a brush each time that would be great.

A version for Linux would be nice…

I agree Tony. But as Tom mentioned on the show, it’s not on their goal list. We were also wondering if LR works on Linux using a virtual install of windows. Have you tried that?

I am dying to see Panorama stitching included in Lightroom 4. I would also like to see some additional color correction features added.

One of the best features must be the massive improvement from the highlight recovery slider they had in LR3. Love the shadow and white slider but not sure what they did with the recovery slider it was good before but now it’s just plain awesome..

Love to be able to use WB adjustments with a filter or brush.

I also just posted on the giveaway post, wasn’t clear where I needed to post to win LR4. 🙂

“I’ve heard that the RAW processing has been upgraded significantly in LR4. That’s what I’m most curious about. Unfortunately for me, I upgraded to LR3 a few weeks before it was released! Guess that shows how much I’ve been keeping up with the latest in software news.”

Seen it. Thanks Richard.

Didn’t they have something like “If you bought in the past few weeks, upgrade for free?” If not, they should. It’s not a massive amount of money, but with the considerable price difference going into LR4, it would be the least they could do.

I thought I got free udates and upgrades for three or six months when i bought Lightroom. I know I bought 3.0 and updated to 3.6 for free. I don’t think they would do that over two weeks.

If the your changes are within the same version number (3.0 to 3.6), that’s an update, not an upgrade. Updates are usually free for the life of the product. Going from 3 to 4 is an upgrade. Give Adobe a call and see if you qualify.

I’ve never used LR and still stuck with CS3 (Just never found a reason to upgrade)… BUT I have a friend who uses lightroom and he’s processing his photos a lot quicker with a few slider adjustments than what i could achieve in PS… so I wouldn’t mind winning this one and get my feet wet with LR. Crossing my fingers!

I’ve Never Used lightroom, I was told that i’m missing out. I tend to use corel paintshop

I love being able to sync settings from one image to the next. It makes editing so much quicker!

I love the new book module!


I bought Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 , after testing it for a few months. Adobe deserves my money on this one, and in fact it’s fantastic !

I just started watching this show, I for what I could see on this episode, I so wanna the 2 display plus laptop and MIC on the host table…. can I have the specs for it ? 🙂 thanks,

I’ll continue to watching this with enthusiasm .


I entering for my son, a photo and design student. I know this would be great for his photo work!

I’ve never used LR before. Maybe one day.

Just got dslr would love to have a copy of light room 4


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