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PhotoNetCast #76 – Common steps in image processing

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The first steps after importing into your DAM software


Even in cases where you are not really intending to so serious post-processing on images, there are a few image properties that you will always have to check after import and will often have to modify slightly. In this show, we discuss those steps, describe what each of us does and mention a few tools that can help both during shooting (to minimise the need for any later adjustment) and during post processing. New Jersey photographer Scott Wyden joins us to give a helping hand to the discussion.

Such things like Exposure, White Balance (here’s a good explanation for white balance), some Colour tweaks, Noise reduction and Sharpening are all discussed with some explanation on why we do these adjustments.

On the news, we discuss IKEA slowly shedding photography for computer generated images, Kodak set to quit film and photo paper business, the imminent release of the Nikon D600 and the Super-Ultra-Mega new standard for video, the Hi-Vision 8K (is 7680×4320 pixels enough?).

As always, any feedback is appreciated, and if you have any questions for us to answer on the show, go ahead and send them our way.

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