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PhotoNetCast #77 – And four guys get together to talk photography

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 26-02-2013 | 2 Comments

Back in the cloud


Hello world! No, this is not a mistake on your feed – we have indeed recorded a new episode of PhotoNetCast.

It took us a long time to get together, and definitely more than usual for me to edit it, but #77 of your favourite photography podcast is here.

On this show I try to explain why the absence, and believe it or not I’m blaming it on a 5-month old baby (Dave insisted this time he wouldn’t take the blame).

We also take a look at some news (that were relevant when we recorded, maybe less so now), including the new ToS from Instagram with a nice conspiracy theory behind it, new gear coming out of CES, the Getty-Google deal, and more.

And we answer a few listener questions about shooting in very cold weather, infra-red photography and converting your cameras, image stabilization in lens and in camera, and the strange effect of beer has on composition and sharpness.

Hopefully after this episode the next ones won’t take as long to release. Once again apologies for that, but for now, enjoy the show…



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glad to have you guys back!

Welcome back, boys.


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