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PhotoNetCast #79 – Concert Photography

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Concert Photography


Have you been bitten by the concert photography bug? Hanging around in darkened, smoky rooms trying your hand at shooting jazz or rock? In this show, guest and gig photographer Mark Gvazdinskas joins Jacob Lucas, Bob Lussier, Sean Galbraith and Dave Wilson to discuss the ins and outs of music photography. What gear should you take? How do you go about getting access to shows? How do you handle the low light of indoor performances?

Flo Rida at the COTA Club

Photo: Dave Wilson

During the discussion, Jacob mentioned Dave Grohl’s keynote presentation at South by Southwest 2013 so here it is:



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Comments (2)

Good podcast.

As a full time concert photographer, I enjoyed listening to others take on what they go through.


  1. Music and Me: Why I Photograph Concerts :: Photography of Jacob F. Lucas | Seattle-based Landscape, Urban Architecture, & Concert Photographer

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