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PhotoNetCast #80 – Selling Prints

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 30-06-2013 | 3 Comments

Many apologies for the delay in releasing this one.

On this episode I’m joined by Dave Wilson and Jacob Lucas to discuss some ideas around selling prints from your photography – we discuss self-printing vs outsourcing, order fulfilment directly from a gallery websites, quality issues, personalisation, pricing, etc.

As usual, we had also time for a quick look at the recent news, and our selected from the web.

As always, suggestions and feedback are very much appreciated.

Enjoy the show…




Selected from the Web

Comments (3)

Dave: I expect that you have not spent a lot of time in Canada. Let me provide some perspective. Suggesting that a Canadian is almost an American is like suggesting that an Scotsman is almost an Englishman or a Dutchman is almost a German. It is wise to check who is around or where you are when you say it.

BTW, I do enjoy the podcast.



Apologies for the comment regarding Canadians. It was intended as a joke but was obviously not appropriate. As a Scot living in the US and being called “English” every day, I’m pretty aware of how annoying this gets.

I’m sure I would have been slapped down quicker had Sean been on the show and he’ll probably get his own back in the next recording. In the meantime, though, please accept my apologies.


Hi Don. Thanks for your comment. I do keep telling Dave that he shouldn’t try to anger half the world in every episode and the other half the next. He doesn’t listen 🙂

Glad to know you enjoy PNC.


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