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PhotoNetCast #82 – Panoramic and 360-degrees Photography, with Ron Pepper

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 26-09-2013 | 1 Comment

Panoramas and 360-degree photos


In this episode we are joined by Ron Pepper to talk about his expertise in panoramic photography, with emphasis in 360-degree images. While panoramic images are frequently made, and even more so with the large advances of software for this specific application, 360-degree images are not so frequent, and still demand attention for their interactivity. This is probably the only type of photography that is mostly reserved for the web and Ron is a skilful artist in achieving quasi-magic results.

Road to the Cullin Hills
© Antonio Marques, Isle of Skye, Scotland


In the news, we talk about Photoshop World, the new Sony QX “Lens Cameras”, the Creative Cloud deal for photographers ($9.99 – bargain), and a new promising technology developed in partnership between Cornell and Adobe. Take a look at the video below,  after the show notes.

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Great show again, everyone! Certainly one of the most interesting guests, I felt like you could have gone on for hours.

I have not done many panoramic shots so far, but when walking around with just a 90mm on crop most of the time, it sometimes becomes a necessity.

I think the only panorama I have ever published is my “Cloudy Mountains over Berlin”, taken with the aforementioned 90mm. I took the liberty to link that image as my website.


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