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PhotoNetCast #89 – Photography Accessories

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Photography Accessories


This episode sees the return of Sam Scholes to the co-hosting team.

A round through the news takes us to the heated discussion about Flickr using CC-licensed images for their wall art business – but are they really doing anything legally wrong?

Also, GoPro makers seem to be developing a new line of consumer drones to be the perfect match for their cameras. However, with the FAA planning to tighten the regulations on commercial use of drones, is this the best move fore them?

And for the stock photographers out there, how would you like to have your images captioned (maybe even keyworded) by your computer? Google getting closer.



And a reminder that we are giving away two copies of David Taylor’s Mastering Landscape Photography. Just let us know you want one via the comments below, email, twitter, facebook, etc. More details on the giveaway just around the corner.




In terms of accessories (thanks to Dieter for suggesting the topic), here are some of those we mentioned on the episode:





ColorChecker Passport   ND Filters Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster Large – BlackBlackDust blower RapidStrap
Circular Polarizers   Microfiber cloth LensPen Circular Polarizers
Cable/Remote release   Ruggard Card Case Pixel Pocket Rocket
    M-Plate LensPen
    Wacom Tablet LED flashlight
    X-Rite ColorMunki Cable/Remote release


Selected from the Web


Sam: Flickr

Scott: NitzStrap

Bob: Pop Spots

Antonio: DUFFY: The Man Who Shot the Sixties

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Glad to see you’re back on the air.
I would love to have one of the books.

Love the review of accessories! I am going to New Zealand and this book would be awesome to read before I go! Thanks for the opportunity!


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