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PhotoNetCast has a fixed “core” of hosts that participate regularly on the shows, and a group of photographers that join us on a semi-regular basis.

Whom can you listen to on PhotoNetCast?


Antonio Marques

Let’s start with the background.

I’m a portuguese currently living in Germany Scotland England. My professional background is in the field of Biochemistry and Genetics (as far from photography as you can go), and I’m currently a Research Scientist for a biotechnology company.


What is my professional relationship with photography?

None. Photography has been a hobby for me since I was about 17 years old (yes, I know, a late bloomer). And it still is a hobby, but now just more serious and bringing in some money. And we have to face it: the ability to freeze light and getting it the way that you planned it’s not only magical, it’s beautiful. The goal is to always keep learning and PhotoNetcast is another tool that I hope it’s useful for me and for you.

What is my relationship with audio production?

For some years I produced several radio shows in different radio stations (yes, the old style of doing it). I’m hoping that I can somehow use that experience to bring you a podcast that is easy and entertaining to listen. The difference is that I don’t have a few mixing tables covering the walls around me as I used to.


I guess now it’s the time to pitch… I blog about photography at Photography explored and some examples of my photography can be seen at Light: delirious.

Blogging is a great experience but the biggest gain has been the networking. Finding and sharing ideas with people that share the same interests is highly rewarding. is a product of this networking.

Where can you find me?

Besides this site and the ones listed above, you can follow me in some of the Social Networks around. So, far from the complete list, but a few…

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And have fun with your photography…


Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson

I grew up in Scotland but moved to Texas in the mid 1990s (but well after my accent was thoroughly baked-in) to start a new job in Austin. 20 years later, I’m still here and having a great time writing software for a well-known consumer electronics and computing company. The Texas Hill Country offers fantastic opportunities for landscape photography and contains many more rodeos than I ever found back in Scotland.

What is my professional relationship with photography?

Photography is a professional hobby for me and has been since my mid-teens when I started freelancing for a couple of local newspapers. These days, I license images, take on occasional commissions for art photography or real estate work, sell prints and teach classes through Austin’s outstanding professional photography store, Precision Camera. I find it a lot easier to pay the mortgage by writing software than selling art photography!

My photographic interests are very varied. I’m probably best known for my HDR work but also love landscape, abstract and macro photography. Recently, I’ve been spending a lot more time on motorsport photography thanks to the fact that we now have Circuit of the Americas, the home of the United States F1 Grand Prix, right on our doorstep.

What is my relationship with audio production?

Audio? That’s Antonio’s problem.


I’ve been blogging for a 12 years or so and maintain a couple of dozen domains for various local artists and craftsmen. These days, I tend to concentrate my time on my photoblog but still occasionally post to my “wordy” blog too.

Where can you find me?

My main web site which contains my daily photoblog and portfolio is at and I publish occasional articles on my other blog at

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Brian Auer

Hi, Brian Auer here. I’m a hardcore photography enthusiast living in sunny San Diego, California. I work full time as a mechanical engineer, but I’m striving to find my way into the photography business.


I began my quest into photography in early 2003 when my first child was born. What began as something to document my family life quickly grew into something more. I found the ability to capture moments very exciting, and I started to realize what a great creative release photography could be. Over the years, the techno-geek side of me constantly craved bigger and better equipment. With each new camera, I unlocked new possibilities and grew my skill set. All the while, I tried photographing all sorts of genres, subjects, and ideas in search of finding something that clicked with me.


I’m no professional, but I’ve come a long way in just a few years. My technical skills are stable enough that I can focus on the more creative aspects of photography. I’ve been publishing the Epic Edits Weblog since January of 2007 as a means to share my experience and be a part of an amazing community of people. I also started the Fine Art Photoblog in February of 2008 as a group project with six other amazing artists. Both of these websites (and the photographers who interact with them) continue to grow my experience in ways I’ve never imagined possible. As for my personal photography, I’m beginning to settle into my own styles and genre preferences. Street photography and beach culture are a few of my current passions. My photographic style has been steadily developing toward high contrast black & white images, punchy colors, and cross processing. I’m also getting into film photography to further expand my creative side.


Who knows… I’m just having a lot of fun getting there. Eventually I’d like to become better known in the world of fine art photography. Ultimately, I’d like to make a living from it. In the meantime, I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing and continue to participate in the various photography communities within my reach. The PhotoNetCast is my latest adventure pushing me further into photography, and I look forward to seeing what it brings.


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Jim Goldstein

Jim M. Goldstein photographer

Thanks for checking in to learn more about PhotoNetCast and myself. I’m Jim Goldstein and I’m an emerging photographer based in San Francisco, California. I have been a fan of the photographic image longer than I can remember having grown up looking at National Geographic and Life magazine. Since the mid-1990’s I’ve been working to master the art of photography. My photography can be viewed on my website JMG-Galleries. I am often posting my latest work and commentary on various photographs & current events on my blog. I also run the podcast EXIF and Beyond and welcome you to subscribe. EXIF and Beyond is a podcast focused on interviews with professional photographers and others influencing contemporary photography along with occasional photographic spotlight discussions.

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