Photography Podcast



Let’s start with the background.

I’m a portuguese currently living in Germany. My professional background is in the field of Biochemistry and Genetics (as far from photography as you can go).



What is my professional relationship with photography?

None. Photography has been a hobby for me since I was about 17 years old (yes, I know, a late bloomer). And it still is a hobby, but now just more serious. And we have to face it: the ability to freeze light and getting it the way that you planned it’s not only magical, it’s beautiful. The goal is to always keep learning and PhotoNetcast is another tool that I hope it’s useful for me and for you.

What is my relationship with audio production?

For some years I produced several radio shows in different radio stations (yes, the old style of doing it). I’m hoping that I can somehow use that experience to bring you a podcast that is easy and entertaining to listen. The difference is that I don’t have a few mixing tables covering the walls around me as I used to.


I guess now it’s the time to pitch… I blog about photography at Words: irrational and some examples of my photography can be seen at Light: delirious.

Blogging is a great experience but the biggest gain has been the networking. Finding and sharing ideas with people that share the same interests is highly rewarding. is a product of this networking.

Where can you find me?

Besides this site and the ones listed above, you can follow me in some of the Social Networks around. So, far from the complete list, but a few…

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And have fun with your photography…