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PhotoNetCast #83 – Instant Cameras

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Are instant Cameras still worth considering?


Instant cameras… The availability of digital cameras, with the final result right there on the display milliseconds after pressing the shutter, might fog the memories of old times when the idea of seeing an image quickly after it was made had one name only: Polaroid. A Polaroid camera could easily have been a central point of a party, and the memories, usually with added written comments (the kind actually written with a pen and not on some social networks’ statuses), could easily be made into an album right then and there. A few decades forward, and against all odds, the Polaroid name still exists, and is still recognized by a younger generation that might never have shot with one. imageSo, what is so attractive about these cameras? On this episode we talk about the latest developments in instant camera “technologies” and what a number of companies are doing to keep the “instant” alive. Keeping in the topic, Sean also reviews the Impossible Instant Lab (see video below).

And still on reviews (this show is full of them), Sean gives us a long and short version of his take on “Watermark” and “Finding Vivian Meier”.

In between other news, listener questions and our selected from the web, that’s an almost 90 minute episode right here.

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Instant Cameras

Selected from the Web

PhotoNetCast #82 – Panoramic and 360-degrees Photography, with Ron Pepper

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Panoramas and 360-degree photos


In this episode we are joined by Ron Pepper to talk about his expertise in panoramic photography, with emphasis in 360-degree images. While panoramic images are frequently made, and even more so with the large advances of software for this specific application, 360-degree images are not so frequent, and still demand attention for their interactivity. This is probably the only type of photography that is mostly reserved for the web and Ron is a skilful artist in achieving quasi-magic results.

Road to the Cullin Hills
© Antonio Marques, Isle of Skye, Scotland


In the news, we talk about Photoshop World, the new Sony QX “Lens Cameras”, the Creative Cloud deal for photographers ($9.99 – bargain), and a new promising technology developed in partnership between Cornell and Adobe. Take a look at the video below,  after the show notes.

As always, feedback is most welcome.

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PhotoNetCast #81 – News, Views, Questions and Toys

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Lots of topics on this one.Creative Cloud, the New Galaxy NX, surprises from Lytro and Lightroom 5, plus a bunch of listeners’ questions:

Lurch: Hi, Thanks for all the work you guys do. I’ve just got one question for you right now. Can you explain light field photography/cameras like the Lytro. Is it just a gimmick or something that would be useful in higher end photography?

John DeVille: Hi guys. I’ve tried to read the manual of my camera, but I still don’t get this: when I press the button half way to lock focus, I’ll get 2, 3, maybe 4 red dots that light up. Are these the areas of the photo that the camera is focusing on? I can change the mode so that only one red dot shows up in the viewfinder. Do I want this?

Paul Maguire: I’ve recently started using film which was a new experience for me. With digital, all the exif data is there when you need it if you want to analyze an image and see what worked and what didn’t, but in film there’s no such thing. Any suggestions on what is the best way to record this info? Thanks

Takashi: Greting from Japan. Need help with white balance cards – Where in the frame do you put it? How to use it in software? Should I make two frames of every image one with card and one without? Many thanks for help

Frank Jesmond: I was wodering what aperture do you recommend for star trails and other night sky photography. If I consider it a landscape, then I’m thinking f5.6-8 no?



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