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PhotoNetCast #84 – Micro Four Thirds and other mirrorless systems

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No mirror? No worries


Micro four thirds and other mirrorless systems have been on the market for many years, but recently the level of adoption of these once frowned-upon cameras has been very intense.

On this episode, we discuss why would a photographer want a mirrorless system when compared to the tried and tested quality of a dSLR. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the systems, and what is making them so attractive that professionals are now switching and using the mirrorless has their main camera?

Olympus OM-D E-M1

In the discussion we also touch up on the history of the system, compare a few prices, and talk about the range of lenses available and the Electronic Viewfinders (EVF).



On the news, what about a newspaper without photos? French newspaper Libération published an issue with white space in place of images, in support of photography and photojournalists.

Photo credit: British Journal of Photography

We also discuss the Panono, and how the Art Center College of Design, Passadena, started offering courses focused on old photography techniques, hoping to improve the digital photography of the students.

We rounded the show with a few listener questions.

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Heads-Up – Adobe Photoshop CC + LR5 over soon

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Just a quick note to remind everyone who still hasn’t joined Adobe’s Creative Cloud that the special offer for photographers is ending very soon.

The offer gives access to Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, 20 Gb of cloud storage and a Behance ProSite for US$ 9.99 / GBP £8.78 / €12.29 per month with a year membership contract.

If you’re interested, the offer ends tomorrow December 2.

PhotoNetCast #83 – Instant Cameras

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Are instant Cameras still worth considering?


Instant cameras… The availability of digital cameras, with the final result right there on the display milliseconds after pressing the shutter, might fog the memories of old times when the idea of seeing an image quickly after it was made had one name only: Polaroid. A Polaroid camera could easily have been a central point of a party, and the memories, usually with added written comments (the kind actually written with a pen and not on some social networks’ statuses), could easily be made into an album right then and there. A few decades forward, and against all odds, the Polaroid name still exists, and is still recognized by a younger generation that might never have shot with one. imageSo, what is so attractive about these cameras? On this episode we talk about the latest developments in instant camera “technologies” and what a number of companies are doing to keep the “instant” alive. Keeping in the topic, Sean also reviews the Impossible Instant Lab (see video below).

And still on reviews (this show is full of them), Sean gives us a long and short version of his take on “Watermark” and “Finding Vivian Meier”.

In between other news, listener questions and our selected from the web, that’s an almost 90 minute episode right here.

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