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PhotoNetCast - Photography podcast - Part 4

Photography Podcast

PhotoNetCast #87 – Highlights from Photokina 2014

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 30-09-2014 | Comment

Highlights from one of the largest photography industry shows – Photokina 2014


Every two years, Cologne, Germany, is stage for one of the biggest (if not the biggest) photography industry shows. Thousands or visitors and delegates fill the halls with so much gear that being there is like an gambling addict being dropped in the middle of Vegas…

Anyway, the rumours and announcements abound in the days leading to the event.

In this episode we take a look not at rumours, but at some of the announcements from this year’s show.

Enjoy the show…



In no particular order:

DSLR Cameras

  • Nikon D750 $2300 (24MP, FX, 6.5fps, 12800ISO, 1080p, tilting LCD, WiFi

  • Canon 7D Mk II $1800 (20MP, APS-C, 10fps, 65 point AF, 16000ISO, GPS, dual cards)

Mirrorless and Compact


Accessories etc.


Selected from the Web


Bob: The Photo Frontier

Sean: Bruce Gilden Critiques Art Photography (NSFW)

Dave: Malkovich, Malkovitch, Malkovitch: Homage to Photographic Masters by Sandro Miller


PhotoNetCast #86 – The Value of Photography

Posted in Guests, PhotoNetCast Shows on 09-09-2014 | Comment

Number 86

The Value of Photography


If you listened to show number 85, you probably remember that we discussed South African photographer Greg Lumley’s offer to sell his one-off aerial panorama of Cape Town for $35000. After the show was released, Greg contacted us (you can read his response in the comments on the show page) so we invited him to join us for a discussion about his image and, more generally, the value of imagery and photography today.





In the news, we talked about the verdict in the Morel vs AFP case being upheld – that’s US$1.2M.  Still with copyrights, the appeals Court says streamlined copyright registration for collections is legal, and the Wikimedia Foundation is being naughty.

On Kickstarter there was a campaign for SnaPICam, a Raspberry Pi powered Touchscreen Digital Camera complete with interchangeable lenses – as of this writing, the funding was unsuccessful Sad smile

The Research labs at Microsoft have been busy, and they have published some results of adjusted Hyperlapse, and the results are very very interesting.

To finish off the news, we talked about Canon launching Irista, a free dropbox-like cloud storage service for photos.


Enjoy the show…



Selected from the Web



Photo Copyright Greg Lumley – used with permission

PhotoNetCast #85 – We’re Back!

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 11-08-2014 | 6 Comments

We’re Back!


Has it really been 8 months? Surely not?

Just when you thought we had disappeared for good, we’re back. Job changes, house moves and family crises are (hopefully) behind us all so we’re hoping that we can now get back to something like a regular podcasting schedule. Keep your fingers crossed and keep watching!

In this episode, Antonio is joined by Dave and Sean for a general natter about some recent news topics and to answer listener questions.

During news discussion, Dave enthuses about the new Nikon D810, a camera that finally hits the function and price sweet spots for D700 owners looking to upgrade, we consider the value of photography in the light of a couple of news stories from ImageBrief and South African photographer Greg Lumley, consider Flickr’s newly-announced photo licensing marketplace and get confused about how Sony will manufacture their new curved sensor.

On a more light-hearted note, we take a quick look at some imaginative on-the-job engagement photos from a Chinese SWAT officer and note that DXO Film Pack 3 software is available free until August 15th.

Enjoy the show…

Questions from Listeners

  • Lee vs. B&W 10 stop ND filters? Although we like both of these options, the consensus was that the Lee system, though more expensive, is easier to use.
  • Web sites to support client proof galleries and offer print purchases? Several suggestions were offered with the two most popular in the host’s opinion being
  • What resolution of file is needed to print at a given size? This question resulted in lengthy discussion of the variables involved in figuring out the answer. There’s more to it than just the paper and printer with viewing distance also playing into the equation.

Selected from the Web